Monday, March 19, 2012

International Wing Chun Day with Wong Shun Leung VT, David Peterson

On the 17 the of March 2012, worldwide wing chun/ving tsun practitioner came along to celebrate this day. In Seremban Malaysia, a special and meaningful occasion came up. World renown ving tsun combat science master, Sifu David Peterson, opens his new school here. Sifu David, is one of the late grandmaster Wong Shun Leung’s most accomplish student. The late grandmaster Wong, was a very renown and great fighter. He puts his knowledge in street fights and rooftop in Hong Kong back in the 1950-60′s. Fighting without rules and regulations, leaving his exponent bleed and broken bones, He earns himself a title called the “Gwong Sau Wong” which simply means, “The king of taking hands” he had never lose in his fight. And because of that, he puts most of his experience into his Wing Chun knowledge that learn from the legendary grandmaster Ip Man. After many long discussion and test with Ip Man, Grandmaster Wong’s adapt his Wing Chun and his experience in fighting into another level of Wing Chun Martial Arts Studies. That is also why the worldwide now named his Wing Chun under his name which is the “Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun or Wing Chun”
Many did now know that Grandmaster Wong is also the teacher of Bruce Lee. Though Bruce was enrolled under Ip Man’s School but at that time, Ip Man was already at old age and Grandmaster Wong was already once of Ip Man’s top student and take over most of his classes.

Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun With David Peterson

Coming back to Sifu David Peterson. He has spread his knowledge that he learned from his teacher worldwide. As a student of Sifu David, you can really experience the detail in learning. His teachings is no doubt, very detailed and particular in each and every moves. His classes in now available in KL and also Seremban in Malaysia. Kindly check out this site for more of Sifu David’s classes and details if you are interested in some real combat science. The reason why it’s called Combat Science is because Sifu really teaches, what Grandmaster Wong have really experience. Its no ordinary gym activity or healthy martial arts. Its pure knowledge for fighting or street fighting with no rules, no regulations. Each and every single exercise is trained to be use on ground fighting, and face any critical situation when one is been attacked.

There is of course many more to talk about regarding the event of the day where I went for the interview with Sifu. But reading could be very boring somtimes. So kindly enjoy the video and take a look at Sifu’s new school below.