Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wing Chun / Ving Tsun Products Update.

Now Wing Chun Supply is not only the leading Low Price Distributor In Malaysia, In fact it has reach Singapore, Indonesia Brunei and Australia.

We are proud to announce we have again reach our aim which it to get a good quality product with a much lower price. Many now can enjoy the use of Wing Chun Wooden Dummy at home as they are more affordable now only at Wing Chun Supply.

Introducing Our "Value Package" Starting from RM 1550 ONLY!!!!! Owning a Wooden Dummy is No Longer A Hard Thing.

This Batch Of Dummies are made of high quality woods, Medium Weight, Wide Choices For Selection, Space Saving and most Importantly, GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wing Chun Meet Up

still talking about the meet up. A stress free meeting and fun exchanging and learning meeting.
Only a simple Bong Sau has so many details to take care of. A tan sau may have many mistake after crossing hands with different people.

All and all, Wing Chun has more mysterious treasure to venture as you get to know more and more people, Probably more and more Different people will be the better word to describe. Learning becomes more fun and training and application is also more comprehensive.

I personally think that feeling different hands from different different schools gives you a better idea or feeling on how things can be improved. As mention earlier this ancient art have became more mysterious. Since NG MUI found the art and pass it down to YIM WING CHUN, no one can exactly tell what happens after that. So many schools have turn out one after another. So many lineage to trace. And most interesting is, Malaysia has many hidden people behind this art that possesed great skills. Only In Klang Valley Its Self I manage to touch and feel the great skills behind them. Can't really Imagine if we could gather people from the whole Malaysia that hide their tallent behind them. Speaking from my own exprience, Meeting with these people from different BG Opens my eyes alot rather that just do a weekly class with the same school people.