Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wing Chun / Ving Tsun Products Update.

Now Wing Chun Supply is not only the leading Low Price Distributor In Malaysia, In fact it has reach Singapore, Indonesia Brunei and Australia.

We are proud to announce we have again reach our aim which it to get a good quality product with a much lower price. Many now can enjoy the use of Wing Chun Wooden Dummy at home as they are more affordable now only at Wing Chun Supply.

Introducing Our "Value Package" Starting from RM 1550 ONLY!!!!! Owning a Wooden Dummy is No Longer A Hard Thing.

This Batch Of Dummies are made of high quality woods, Medium Weight, Wide Choices For Selection, Space Saving and most Importantly, GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY.

Visit Wing Chun Supply Wooden Dummy Page to see the full range of this products


  1. Hi - I'm the owner of a wing chun club and am interested in purchasing a couple to keep as stock plus I know of several students who have expressed a (serious interest) in purchasing a dummy for them selves. Are discounts available (eg. wholesale prices) and based on volumes? We are based in Europe so shipping will be an additional expense.

  2. Hallo mein name ist Ioannis Koukoumaftsis,
    ich habe ein Dumy gekauft von hier und muss sagen die ist Qualitativ Super.

    Mit Freunlichem Gruss
    Ioannis Koukoumaftsis